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Sunday, October 22, 2006

2nd Post from the Lake - I'm a blogger!! (almost) (Fall!)

Thanks to a new friend on an RV list, I finally have a profile and a picture along with it. I had to duplicate my first blog picture to get it done, but it's ok, I like the picture. LOL! There are still a lot of features on blogger that I haven't visited or figured out yet, but this is a start.
It's Fall at the Lake. A very few trees had started to turn last week - now, as of yesterday, there are several more, and the nights have cooled down significantly. Fall means the lake water is low. This water is used by Yolo County Irrigation District throughout the summer. What starts out in the Spring as 7 to 9 feet "Rumsey" (the meter by which the lake water depth is measured (a stick at the mouth of Cache Creek)) is now just below 3 feet, and they are still letting water out for irrigation. There is a limit of how much they can take at different intervals, so our water right now is probably almost as low as it will go for this year.
During the rainy season the lake can go up as much as a foot a day if a lot of water is running off of the surrounding hills. From looking down, way down, to the top of our pontoon boat in September or October, in comparison it is up looking in the window at us by June. The ramp down to the dock goes from the angle of a normal staircase to almost level. A tree standing in water in Spring has it's roots exposed in Fall.
We are still having gorgeous weather! High 70's and low 80's in the afternoons, mid-forties at night. Have had a few nights down into the upper thirties lately, so it's changing. The tomatoes are still developing and turning red, but much slower. The garden is not completely shot yet and the Canna Lillies are still blooming! A sure sign that we haven't had frost yet. A fantastic time of year.....
The top picture would be a high water mark looking at the house across the channel from us (Bev's house). The bottom picture is the low water mark just a couple of weeks ago when they cut down her diseased tree.


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Hello Hello, I see you posted your blog. I sent ya mine I think. Anyway hello from San Jose, CA. Its currently sunny out and it has been a nice day. My house is clean and it's getting supper time. I had to come by and say Hello!!

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